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physical therapy

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Apex Athletix practitioners are certified to perform the following physical therapy interventions

Integrative Dry Needling (IDN)

  • Integrative Dry Needling is an intramuscular treatment technique to improve neuromuscular dysfunction and facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal. 

  • Dry Needling is a technique that can not only help improve musculoskeletal pain or tightness, but also neurological and neuromuscular symptoms such as numbness and tingling.

  • Dry Needling can also be used as a tool before competition to improve performance or to enhance recovery after competition

Taping Techniques

  • Taping techniques can be a useful way to improve muscle/joint function and decrease pain with activity. 

  • Tape can be used to improve muscular function, kinesthetic awareness, and joint proprioception. 

  • Taping can also be an effective way to manage swelling. inflammation, and bruising after an injury or surgery.

Vacuum Therapy / Cupping

  • Research has found that tissue in dysfunction is often hypoxic and demonstrates a lower pH than the surrounding, more healthy tissue. 

  • This technique is used to open blood vessels in order to improve blood flow to an area to facilitate tissue healing. 

  • Cupping often leaves a bruised/red mark on the skin but no residual, bruise-like soreness.

  • Cupping is a great treatment technique for impact injuries. 

Therapeutic Exercise

  • It is important to utilize exercise and muscular activity to reinforce and maintain improvements made with manual treatment. 

  • Patients are prescribed specific exercises to perform at home to reach their goals as quickly as possible. Therapeutic exercise is essential in treating dysfunction as well as avoiding recurrence of more chronic issues. 

Joint Mobilization

  • Stiffness of the tissue surrounding the joint is often the culprit behind lack of mobility that can result in joint pain and stiffness.

  • Skilled manual mobilization will help decrease tissue restriction and, in turn, improve joint mobility

Soft Tissue Mobilization

  • Soft tissue includes most of the tissues in the body, and tightness of the soft tissue can contribute to stiffness and pain. We use a variety of treatment techniques to address any mobility dysfunctions of the soft tissue.

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